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on September 11, 2013


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WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU LAUGHING!!! HE'S SUCH AMAZING!!!! ...I've always said doesn't care if you can do a thing...there will always be a Japanese children that can do it better...WHY GOD, WHY?!? WHY ARE YOU KILLING MY PASSION FOR THE GUITAR?!? D:

stuart_and_the_ave.'s picture

I think i speak for all Green Day fans when i say that just warmed the cockles of my heart <3

hungariangirl007's picture

Awesome :D <3

Scaramimi's picture

Reku ROCKS! xD

st.JIM's picture

a 7 years old kid sings "jesus of suburbia",awesome fucking good

Fernanda Jiménez's picture

sí.. y es chino *u* jaajaj okno ._. 

Sadie.bell's picture

When you think your'e really really good at something, there's always an Asian kid that can do it better

Brazilian Idiot's picture

his parents must be proud


xxmatejxx's picture

PFFFFT... That's nothing. Just kidding when I was 7 I didn't even know Green Day. Heck I didn't even know that electric guitare exists


rockgirl's picture

he's good :D

IdiotFromDetroit♥'s picture

saw it a year ago, I love(d) it ♥

TreCool99's picture

I think its funny how he says retarded and swears but in countries that speak English the teacher would just be like WHAT!!!!!????

sapereaude's picture

Ha ha! That's exactly what I was thinking. 

A Huge Fan Of Green Day's picture

Boy, you're a big fellow! I think it's a big job for the baby! But ... why does everyone around laugh?!

Jessica Pradhan's picture

!!!!!! The guitar is almost is size!!!  And he playes Jesus Of Suburbia!!! !!!! Awesome!

Fulya's picture

I think he made his practice with Bullet In A Bible :D That's awesome!

-insert creative username here-'s picture

I don't think he has any idea what he's actually singing about, but he can play better than I can, so... much respect!!