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Brian's picture
on October 29, 2013

Watch Billie Joe and Norah discuss their new album "Foreverly" - coming on 11/25 - plus hear snippets of a few tracks!  Pre-order the album at iTunes at


Sairus Gaiby's picture

Wow! i can't  believe it!

your voices sound perfect with that country style!

i can't wait for the album!

rockgirl's picture

I will say something that wasn't there yet: I'd like to have this wallpaper in my room :D

punkbabe78's picture

been a loyal fan of greenday for about 18 years now and never ever EVER thought id witness the young rebel who pulled his bum out on stage who has had me laughing, crying, and entertained and a band that was a part of bringing me out a black hole of depression singing country music its very different but i like it not a great fan of country to much but it works cant wait to hear the album :)

jheimorisato's picture

i love you Norah! :D

RicardoPadrón's picture

Kudos to Billie Joe for taking the risk!!  An incredibly different, but fresh, departure from the Green Day we all know and love...  Part of being an artist is experimentation, and I have to say that he's nailed it with this album!  He'll undoubtedly get criticism from some people for this project (just like Robert Plant did when he teamed up with Alison Kraus).  But, who cares...  This album clearly showcases a side of Billie Joe (and Norah Jones, for that matter) that we've never experienced.  Looking forward to hearing more!

suburbia's picture

Billie Joe is once again giving the world another dose of WOW!  Very cool!  :-)

whtthhllm's picture

I liked these songs, they sound very well! Yes, it's hard to believe that this man sings in punk-rock band ahahah, but I don't mind this project, it's a good idea c:

athousandyaknows's picture

Oh, yeah.. about the interview.. I can't watch it because I'm already listening to Green Day. lol

athousandyaknows's picture

Hey. I've a fan letter for Billie Joe, but.. I don't know where to send it. Someone help please?

V's picture

I really don"t know a lot of these songs, but they sound great and I grew up listening to the Everly Bros. Very interested in this project. And I have to say...he looks great!

Sharon Mitchell's picture

I love his reasons for doing this, and his voice sounds heavenly.  It's hard to believe this is the same man who sang Fuck Time and Take Back, but I hope this record sells well.  He is going to reach a whole new audience, that's for sure!

mike ryûk's picture

well,it's hard to describe it(is there a way to do it ???).but i mean it's looking like something that's gonna take a important place in the history of music!!!

Sharon Mitchell's picture

The world's first punk-try recording artist?  The man is nothing if not versatile.