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Posted by Brian
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Average: 4.9 (10 votes)


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ciskadesmit's picture

I like their faces. And I like their outfits.

ivan6112's picture

I love that they don't take photoshots too seriously even though their music is serious, I just like the concept. other

Dudeface20's picture

ashley,are you runnin around? are you cryin out of bloody murder?...

xXEinnertGDXx's picture

Green Day is the best band in the fuck**g world

Dudeface20's picture

** something else like uc!!!!!!!!!!!

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MarioArturoSernaC's picture

Great Pic, motherfuckers llmll Love you songs

DashaKhaustova's picture

Great photo!!! I love you!!!

xDrama QueenX's picture

Awwrr!!! F!!!!!G Great :)) <3 I love you!

keishaaaxxx's picture

aw love green day best band in the world.

Indah Citradewi's picture

love Green Day... much love for Billie Joe Armstrong <3

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Bab's picture

I need Tre's shoes.

Dudeface20's picture

well,they are really cool xD :) :P

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Guys, follow me on Twitter, I follow back ^^

extraordinary girl's picture

this guys are hotter than ever.. I LOVE THEM <3<3<3<3<3...
the´re sexy, talented, and awesome did i say much qualities? i don´t think so

Cat C's picture

Nice suits!