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    August 20, 2012

    Video update from the road in Tokyo, Japan Show on 08-16-2012 at the club SHIBUYA AX

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on August 20, 2012

Video update from the road in Tokyo, Japan Show on 08-16-2012 at the club SHIBUYA AX


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That video is awesome ! haha .. hope Mike found some new clothes ^^ And now I can´t wait till Berlin ♥

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can't wait till september 25th!!

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Ok. Someone please explain this to me, where the hell they have their 40s? I mean, they look/act/play/laugh/smile/breath like eternal teenagers ♥ I'm sure Jon Bon Jovi gave them his recipe, for sure (?) Don't you dare start acting like grown ups, don't you dare ♥ hahahaha

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Sitting grinning like an idiot at this video. Green Day are my favs ok. I need them in Scotland again soon!

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Hi D:

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omg you are just awesome xD i love whe tré speak japan x) but i don't understand xD and when Mike have shirt and Billie in 0:42 minute you cute :33 love u

Follow me on twitter is @Billiboo thx u so much guys <3

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Green Day Fans Forum

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I want to see the video! Why not for everyone?

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Amazing Site :D

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Wow, the new site is pretty great :)

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The man to the left of Mike ahahahha speechless at seeing Mike !!

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Follow me

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Russia is waiting for YOU!

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Russia with you <3

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Only Mike being nice :)

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the new green day site is awesome!

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¿Cuando publicaran el vídeo? :c

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Cute. Can't wait to get in on this tour!

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Is this gonna ever be available for us, poor mortals? :D

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Wonderful video! You have my permission to do more of these tour update videos, heehee. ♥

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I hope its made public soon.

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so great, we all must be friens, greenfriends, hahahaha. Green Day to Ecuador!

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yay i have an account :P you guys should let us add friends, i have many that joined today

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i have no idiot club account :c

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¡Mike.! <3

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That video was pretty cool!

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Nice, but I don´t have an idiot club account :P