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#repost #occupy

#repost #occupy
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Posted by bj_unoxx
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#repost #occupy, on Instagram
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Certainly right! In his words, truth for me and I think for many sincere people who are honest to ourselves and others Ludmila certain that the policy of that religion are the status mask, they prikryvajutsia this status and are a pure hypocrite, and use this control massamba, the truth, as takovoi and no, it's for everyone, as Jesus: for some It is, but for someone It we have no right to tell people how to live, but we are obliged to open their eyes to the true. Although, the majority believes what he wants to believe and it's his choice to believe in the beautiful tales or to open their eyes to the harsh reality and "truth" all these so-called "Holy-rollers"

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Well I lie all the time so telling a lie is the truth to me!!