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Demolicious hits stores today!


Greg's picture
on April 19, 2014


Click for a list of stores participating in Record Store Day: HERE


xxpunkgirlxx's picture

NOOOOO!!! I wasn't able to go to Record Store Day...can I buy it on Amazon?
(Please, Please, Please!!!)

Jessica Routh's picture

can't wait to get the new album it look's so cool I need to add it to my collection!!!!

Rock Kid's picture

Dude relax they will probably make another album with most of the songs or more completed verisions thats why they are DEMOs

Dany007's picture

I GOT IT !!!!!  I got the Graal !

Thank you Green Day, this album is delicious !!!

eshawman's picture

How will we be able to buy this? Will we have to go to a Record store that participates in Record Store Day? Or will we be able to buy this on Amazon?