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    September 02, 2012

    We sincerely apologize to our fans, but unfortunately due to illness Billie Joe has been hospitalized, and we regretfully must cancel our performance in Bologna, Italy this evening.  We are beyond devastated and will make it up to you when we come back next summer. 

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on September 02, 2012

We sincerely apologize to our fans, but unfortunately due to illness Billie Joe has been hospitalized, and we regretfully must cancel our performance in Bologna, Italy this evening.  We are beyond devastated and will make it up to you when we come back next summer. 


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peccato veramente........almeno spero che tornerete a farci visita stimo GREEN DAY...................

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Wow what a 21st century breakdown last Sunday guys, yeah shit happens but you sure did let a lot of Italian kids down.
Reading the posts here I'm really surprised at how complaisant your Italian fans are, maybe they are just used to being disappointed, times being what they are here. Anyway, as a reward for doing well at school this year I agreed to take my 14 year old daughter to see her first ever rock concert- Green Day. After months of anticipation we made the 4 hour drive up from Rome to Bologna, we then waited 8 hours in a cow field listening to bands nobody seemed to be much interested in, they were all there to see you! The exception for me was Social Distortion, an authentic punk band; as the singer hinted before the cancellation "Social D will never let you down" and they didn't.
After Social Distortion finished an energetic set, the bomb was dropped that Green Day would not be playing and we should all just go home and come back next year, just like that. Ok, I realize that Green Day has become very popular and has a very full schedule for years to come but I would like to make a suggestion in the form of a request.
Why don't you practice what you preach and don't become part of the subliminal mind-fuck America, step up and reschedule an Italian Green Day show without 5 opening bands and not necessarily in Bologna, and do it soon!
Although she is keeping it to herself the experience Sunday was heartbreaking for my daughter and I'm sure it was for most of the kids who attended Sunday's non concert, they are just too polite to say how really pissed off they are deep down inside.

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Billie I don't know how my god fell Ill as I have heard that gods never fall ill and u r my god all guys and girls around him pls keep on updating us about him.U will soon get well as all green day fan power is with u .All my Love,Hugs,Kisses and warm wishes for u hope u will get well soon.I know u are recovering and getting better.Love u BJA and hope to see u sometime in India.And Green Day u rule my life.Seriously Green Day care a lot about there fans love u guys <3

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I'm so happy that now Billie is well!:)
can't wait to see you next summer guys!
italy are waiting you!:)

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Me and my sister were in Bologna..... sad and concerned about the health of Billie Joe.
We were present in Milan 2009 and we know how much Green Day take care of their fans..... so we can imagine their sadness and anger.
Now the important is that Billie Joe feels better......... get well soon!
The festival was great: All Time Low very funny, Angel and Airwaves great performance and Social Distortion..... What a sound guys!!!
The perfect culmination would be the waited concert..... the waited big friends reunion! It will be for another time..... we will be in bologna next year.
Thanks guys for you music

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Thank you for having post this message guys, it really shows that you're close to us (the fans).
Billie joe, I hope it isn't too serious, I'm sending all my courage to help you getting well soon.
I love you Green Day, you can't imagine how much you represent for me, you're part of me.

P.S I was at your show at Rock en Seine and it was THE best day of my life.

I love you so much guys <3
Take care

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Get better soon Billie take your time and get healthy :)

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Huge disappointment, and a sense of discomfort that goes away...We know that it's nobody fault,and we hope that our beloved Billie Joe better son.This does not mean that now we have to wait another long year.But we are sure it will be wroth.A big hug guys!Fans Reggio Emilia (sorry for the english)

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Guys i was in Bologna, and we were really a lot there, just for you. It's the second time that your concert has been canceled here in Italy and it's so frustrated. Don't you think so? I've "slept" (too cold) outside the arena, stayed stand from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. without resting, sitting or move, just to see you! And now we have to wait another year and it seems so far.. A lot of your italian fans are devastated, i could't believe that, i tought it was a joke, really.. Please try to understand us, Italy is always the only country that has just one date of the tour, just one possibility to see you, and people come from all the country, and for the second time it has been canceled, it was a shock. I miss you guys and I keep loving you, i hope to see you as soon as possible and sure that next concert in italy will be amazing.. but, another year without you, that really sucks :( Please don't let us down 'cause we do everything for you!

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I was in Bologna, and I've been waiting this moment... I dont't remember how long. I love you guys cause you are adolescent-heads in an adult-bodies, but I'm sad. why you don't come in Sardinia? Really sorry for my english. By one of 30.000 fans who were in Bologna.

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Greatest regards and wishes from your Venezuelan fans, Billie. Get well soon, the world needs you!!!

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we love you billie and wish you well from israel!!!

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I hope billie gets Well soon! his illness is not too bad, is it? Good luck Billie

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Get well soon Billie! Thank you guys for the update!

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I was in Bologna on Sunday and I hoped I will see you first time, than I was very very sad... I hope Billie will get better soon. It is realy nice from you that you posed us a video. :) Please come to Bologna next year, I will be there fore shure!
Love you guys, Z

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Italian fans are devastated and sad!

back before 2013 please!

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Sorry guys, I'm Italian, I understood the message...but I'm not sure about a sentence. Did you say that Billie was hospitalized last night? So...did he feel sick on 1st September? And why did we know about this at 7:30p.m. on 2nd September? A day after! I think that the festival organization speculated on us, we bought food, drinks for an entire day... if I understood well and Billie was hospitalized really 1st September night Italian fans have to do something. They cheated us. If you guys sent this video to us BEFORE 7:30p.m. on 2nd September, please, tell us! It's really important! Anyway, we love you guys, come back soon and keep us dreaming! Hope Billie's fine now!

An Italian fan who was at Bologna and who has been waiting for this moment for 6 years ;( but will never stop waiting to see you!
I love you, xoxo

P.S.: Why don't you come to Rome? It's since 2000 that you don't return here..
(Sorry for the English)

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Get well soon Billy!! Was gutted when they announced it on stage, I'm sure you would of wanted to play but your health comes first!! Can't wait to see you back in the UK next year!! Yes I travelled with my parents and girlfriend to come see you guys in Italy! Thats how much we love you and the performance you guys put on! Speedy recovery dude!!

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Yesterday I was there, in the front row, and I still can't believe that the show was cancelled. I've been waiting for Green Day to come back in Italy since the disaster in Venice in 2010: the show was cancelled there too. And now the same thing: after waiting for hours and hours to reach the front row and finally see them, my dream didn't come true. Again. I'm depressed, I can't stop crying. I hope that Billie is now fine anyway, I was very worried when I heard that he was at the hospital.
Just one last thing: I don't think it's fair to tell the fans "don't worry, we will come back next summer" because I suppose that there would have been an Italian concert anyway after the release of the three albums. You have to understand that we missed our chance to see Green Day TWICE, the Italian fans are devastated. After many secret shows in the USA or big concerts in the UK for example, don't you think we deserve something special too? We love you, please try to make us happy again!
Sorry for my English
A sad Italian fan

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Get well soon Billie! Rage and Love from the UK!

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I was in Tokyo 2 weeks ago. I was at St. James theatre twice. But in Bologna I was with my kids 7&9, with punk yellow hair and a Greenday t-shirt they created themselves. They want to have the Time of their lives rocking with yo'll, so come back soon...till next summer can be so long!!!!!!

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Aww get well soon Billie! I'm worried now... I sent something on Twitter and Instagram.
(I'd say in French: Bon rétablissement.)
Sorry about that guys. I'm sure you really really reallllyyy wanted to play that show. :(
I admire you a lot! And it's nice to post a video!
Lot of love, Ellyne.
(You were awesome at Rock Am See! Thanks a lot. Merci! ;) .)