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Posted by: mikedirnt
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on April 02, 2014
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Awesome wall art!

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I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about @williama... but ok =P =D XD

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@des_unoxx, Billie said the only way they could get out of the band is in the coffin, or something like that..... Sooo, I'm kind of worried they will, but I don't think they EVER will... =D And the video... That. Surprised. Me.Lol, Mike, you are hilarious man.

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:D Mike .

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You brought me the sun, when I seen the rain

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Mr.Mike Dirnt you are awesome!!!

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jajajasjajas oh vaya q sorpresa... hermosioo :3

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What the umm ok

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<3 ___________ <3 y todo un loquillo :3

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Oye Green Day son mas buenos que loquillo XD

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i love you greenday . please dont break up . :c

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Hola mike n_n/

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Haha! Very funny.

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Reunion Island (a french island) is the only place you never visited no ? come on men, don't you want take some holidays ? bisous.

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Oh my Got!!!

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lol X)

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jajajaja love u mike, HB from Peru!

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in love xoxo *-*

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Thats funny

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i was a little scared at first.....

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OK that was preaty weird but funny!

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Hihihihi...omg...funny face^^