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Kill the dj. Behind the scenes.

Kill the dj. Behind the scenes.
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:

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Kill the dj. Behind the scenes., on Instagram
Average: 5 (9 votes)


greengirl13's picture

best vid ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana Haushinka GD's picture

you´re so fucking sexy!!!

lorilulu's picture

I love you Billie Joe. Such a sexy hottie!!

nina_marina's picture

loved it!

JulietaWhatsernameJohn's picture

looks very cute♥

camilo_greendero's picture

kill david guetta

ShashaCobain's picture

die-hard-fan! <3

Sweetchildren409's picture

Awesome video, been following you guys since 94' religiously and it's amazing how you guys just get better and better. Getting married in April and our song will be last night on earth, my future wife doesn't even have a say in it. Lol. She's starting to learn that she comes second to yous haha. Just wish I had Zuckerberg

P.s waited 18 yrs to see you guys up close, got into the studio at Webster hall, front stage and pissed my pants waiting for yous to come on cuz I wouldn't leave my fuckin spot for nothing. Keep up the good work lol, hopefully I somehow get into Irving plaza this Saturday, if I do I'll be sure to wear a diaper this time.