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Hi As you probably know I love Green Day, but it was not that easy. The first time I heard the song American Idiot at the age of 8-9 years, but unfortunately not zapamiętamłem contractor. After a few years I found on YouTube, "Wake me up when September Ends" - immediately in love with her. So I thought that since this song is so good that some others they are so cool and I was looking for other songs until I came across something unusual. I saw the thumbnail of American Idiot, and I knew that once I saw it. After the first few seconds, I started to cry because after a few years, I found this song, which was a little boy I loved. Despite the fact that I heard it once on the Radio. Billie, Tre, Mike, if any of you read it you ever have one word for you. Thank you for all the things that you are and that is your passion, your new songs and lyrics really helped me in many difficult situations. Now, sit at the computer, writing this hoping that one of you will go on my profile. Know that you are my people that I admire. Thanks to you I learned to play on my guitar, and that career is not easy, because in order to be good you can not do it for money or for sławy.Wy doing what you love and let share it with others. For that I thank you Regards Sebastian
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