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My kids have been instructed to perform Time of your Life at my funeral, does that make me an idiot?

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My kids have been instructed to perform Time of your Life at my funeral, does that make me an idiot?

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Do you know your enemy. You know your enemy well gotto know your enemy rohey

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Always on the look out for new artists, making tunes I can relax to.

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Hi Brian i'm an Italian Idiot!

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Thank you for fighting the good fight OUT LOUD.

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Will there be any new Green Day merch in the Bravado store soon? I neeeeeeed some new Green Day shirts.

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Do you know the name of the photographer wo took the photos in Latin America (Argentina) because it wasn't Chris Dougan.

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Hola Brian! I need to tell you something , not necessarily of Green Day, not to nag. It is about the management of the website. if you want, you can send to me an e-Mail: or we can talk through any private messages. Repeat: it's not to nag!

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hey :)

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It's COLOMBIA, not colUmbia!

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you are from right? it would be great if this could become a green day social network and let us add friends and stuff...

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Hello, who are you? You posted the stuff about Green Day but how old are you, who are you? :p

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you're a member of Green Day and put your name like "brian" so no one knows who you are!
ok no ._. haha xD

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So you're the one who posts everything, do the band ever do anything with the site? As in do they post anything themselves or tell you what to post?

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Hi, I've been away for two weeks and i have no idea how it works.. are you a kind of admin? Can anyone post stuff or what? Ahahaha i feel confused..

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Are you the Admin of this homepage?

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So you're the one behind all of these posts! Hello there.

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hello. Do you know if the band members will ever being using the "official" accounts?

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Hi Brian..
just wanna comment.. x_X

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Leaving you a comment, because why the fuck not.

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