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Billie Joe Armstrong

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  • January 09, 2017
    i love italy! #greendayfest #greendayitaly ! ti amo !! siamo ancora vivi!
  • January 08, 2017
    missing #thelookouting celebration all weekend.. some of my favorite bands.. gd played our first shows with #monsula #mrtexperience #kamalaandthekarnivores .. we toured with #brentstv and #corruptedmorals were like older brothers (letting me tag along with them playing 2nd guitar when i was 17 years
  • February 26, 2017
    a killer collaboration i did with my bro in law @nesserfamilia #blueguitar #blueskateboard @familiask8shop @sendxhelp graphic @toddbratrud
  • January 28, 2017
    i feel like I'm in a state of shock.. The executive orders Trump is signing feels like a vendetta.. Trump is not only taking out his revenge on the people who protested him, but also the average American that just didn't vote for him. These reckless decisions on healthcare, muslim-americans,
  • February 06, 2017
    this is pretty much what it looked like the first time me and @mikedirnt played together.. only we were playing "photograph" by def leppard not "minority" and that's Mr cool @trecool in the distance.. from west contra costa county to England.. 1985? or 2017? thank you Leeds for the welcome home

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