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Billie Joe Armstrong

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  • April 20, 2018
    The Longshot tour!! Goes on sale next Friday! Shows w/ Frankie and the Studs & The Trash Bags 5/3 - Tijuana, MX @ The Moustache 5/4 - Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar Vegas 5/5 - Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar 5/7 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Hi Hat 5/8 - Santa Ana, CA @
  • April 28, 2018
    1992 Here’s what I think of your headshot day. More like @longshot day!! Can’t wait to get a one way ticket out of nowheresville.. tour is comin! photo credits to my dear friend Ben
  • April 14, 2018
    Last night was a Blast! Thanks everyone for coming to the first @longshot show! @kevintylerpreston @david.s.field @jeffmatika @1234gorecords
  • April 19, 2018
  • April 20, 2018

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