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I am not the tipic girl, I am a crazy person I love the different things, sometime or all time I am so wire ,I am scream girl and always said every thing I think, I don't care the people think or said about me I just said them "fuck you", I have strong caracter and I am not a girl romantic or sentimental because I think is a waste of time, I am so cold with the people, I hate the way to be of my family they are so buring and so close of mind and treat me like a insect and like a dross, in little words like a big shit. My unic exit is the music specialy Green Day and the rest of punk how the ramones,the sex pistols,the exploited and the casualities but I hear the music of Green Day I feel so good my heart bit with the music I feel accepted and alive :3, I don't have much friends but I dont while have the music(my best friend) i don't really fucking care all the people I know are hypocrites and fate, I love the tatto and piercings I wear piercings in the lip, nose, ear, tongue etc. I know Green Day when I had 5 years old and this moment Green Day is the reason for wake me up in the morning and my inspiration for keep alive :D.
Bogota D,C
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