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Hello Braitken,

I´m sorry to hear about your sister. And I´m sorry that I can´t help, but I can offer you another GD-adress:
You can contact them directly, not in a row of postings, and maybe they can help you with your wish.
Good luck to you and your sister.


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This message is on behalf of my sister. she is a huge fan and purchased tickets for the january concert in toronto ontario Canada. She unfortunatly will not be able to make it as she is in the trillium health center in mississauga ontario dying of cancer. she may only have a few weeks to a few months with us. she was so looking forward to this concert but now will never be able to make it. i wanted to post this message in hopes that someone can reach out to green day and maybe send her well wishes before her last day. that would make her very happy i think. right now her kidneys have failed,as well as her gull bladder. she cannot do chemo therefore the cancer is spreading. it won't be long now. her favorite song is 21 guns. We played it for her the other day and she was so overcome she started to cry. my heart breaks for her as she is only 44 years old and should have more life to give but that is not the case now. She is in extreme pain and putting a smile on her face now is harder as each day goes by. I would love to be able to put one more smile on her face before she leaves this world for better things.
thanks for listening
her loving sisters