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Hello to anyone who actually is reading this. I'm Deana, I'm a girl obviously and I'm 13 years old. I'm a kid at heart and I most certainly love Green Day; they're my life and they always will be. Umm... I live in the United States and I have the wierdest hair color... it's supposed to be bleached but I messed up during the process of bleaching my hair. It's white with like some sorta strawberry-blondish color at the tips and parts of my hair. My roots are coming back now but I'm considering dying my hair in rainbow colors. I have had short black hair like Billie Joe and a Tre Cool hairstyle when I dyed it brown. (I sincerely apoligize if I'm boring the shit outta you with all this talk about my hair.) I also have a homemade Billie Joe outfit (a black collared shirt,a red tie and black skinny jeans) but I don't wear it as often because my black skinny jeans are becoming a stonewashed grey color and the fact that my demonic brother messed up the tie. Well, I hope you've "enjoyed" reading this "short" biography about me. If you have a Facebook, you're more than welcome to add me. But I don't have any pictures of me on there with my black Billie Joe hair/ brown Tre Cool hair. I'll upload a picture I have of me in my Billie Joe outfit that I wore on the night of the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Bye for now!
North Carolina
United States
Facebook: Deana Corrine Sells
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I've never been to a Green Day concert...that sucks,but I wish I could...
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