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Elena. 19 years old (26 may 1993) russian, yes. vodka, valenki, putin (take me out of here! but after GREEN DAY show) i'm awesome.
Russian Federation
Elena Guschina
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I have been in Finland, when i was 17. That was my first Green day show and that was so AWESOME, YES. 3 hours of happiness. Just after my final school exams, From Moscow, to St. Petersburg by train and then to Helsinki by bus (10 hours) just right to the show! YES that's all worth it. I'm telling you. I was just near the stage between Billie and Mike, oh and Billie almost destroid my camera, he was using water gun, huh. I'M STILL ALIVE BITCH! Remember that girl, from Australia? She was behind me, yes. (Billie, you sholud pick me up on the stage, when you will be IN MY COUNTRY! IN MY TOWN!) I didn't find my self on any pictures or videos, (just maybe 3 sec. on youtube, sad but true) but there is something called memmories, and i still can't believe that i really was there. well i'm Green day fan sence i was 11 years old. Now i'm 19. When i was 17 i saw them in Finland, i will be 20 and they will play in my country! And i'm so fucking happy about that, thank you so much!
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