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hi, i love GREEN DAY (i think it's obvious) and all their CDs. At school all my "friends" tell me:"do u like this song?" and they make me listen one of these stupid songs that r in fashion today, and I "no, i don't like this kind of music" them "u suck!". if this happens also to u, do not worry and do not give it much importance, they will never understand good music. 98% of guys if saw justin bieber and or direction jump off a skyscraper they would try to save them. if u r 1 of those guys who would scream "JUMP DOWN! JUMP DOWN!" write this message in your presentation.(and as Billie Joe said: I'M NOT A FUCKIN JUSTIN BIEBER!!!). GET WELL SOON BILLIE JOE!!! (sorry for grammatical errors but i can't speak english very well). W PUNK-ROCK! W GREEN DAY! W BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG! W TRE COOL! W MIKE DIRNT! W THE REVOLUTION!
matilde garello is my true name.....or not.... ;)
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
i went to i-day festival 2012 in bologna, i was very happy, it was the best day of my life but...billie joe has not been well and the concert has been canceled :'''''(. i hope to see a green day's concert as soon as possible!
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