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Hi! I'm a regular teenage girl who is just ... insanely ... obcessed ... with like, the best band EVER. Billie, Mike, and Tre always cheer up my days-good and bad. I like punk/rock/heavy metal/electronic music, which might is cool cause I'm the only one of my friends who bothers to look up 'Green Day' on YouTube and fawn over songs and how cute and awesome they look on stage and how happy the people in the crowd are just to see three powerful punk-hard guys rock songs on stage, how creative the videos are. Nobody will ever come close to even having a love for Billie and Mike and Tre until some guy turns the entire world communist. Anyway, I'm an average girl who gets almost below average grades, with the ability to never shut up, or stop talking about Green Day and how I am going to the American Idiot show on March 9th in my city, and it's gonna be great, just like my soccer playing and art skills. I'm curently single, but that's no problem-more ime for Green Day and planning out whatever I usually do. But one thing's for sure ... can't we just not stop loving Green Day? I went to go see American Idiot and it was truly amazing-it really made my weekend, and I can barely get over it. I loved the music, the plot, everything.
North Carolina
United States
My real name is Ashley Vences Calderon, Vences from my dad, Calderon-Lopez from mom. Just call me Ashley or I'll eat you :p.
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
I surprisingly have not have been to even one Green Day concert-yet though. I'm old enough, being a teenager and all but one has not came up. Green Day came in my area back in 2009, but I was wayyyyy younger and I could tell my parents were not letting me go alone.
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I gots no Twitter-seriously, more to reminnd me that our country (plus the rest, or most) of the world relies on a socail media site which is just another way to stir up crap which we all complain about in the mornings? Forget that ****. Anyways, I do have an email address, it's .
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