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pamela rodriguez
About Me: 
I love green day for the longest time i can remember i dont have fave song by them because i love all songs and all members of green day but my boy billie joe has be fave he my hero and sexy as can be for how old he is green day the sound track to my life and love there music mwah love you my GD boys keep it rocking xoxo. by the way my name pamela rodriguez i am 23 years old and i have very loving boyfreind name jason he menatal head and i love that about him and i love him i love all type music but love rock music all type also love scary movies and vampires TEAM DAMON ALL THE WAY and also love to sing / write/ read/ draw/ and make kandi not type u eat k i mean the one make out beads that al for no later
sunland park
United States
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
i have not yet to see them in concerted but hope to soon or one day
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