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I'm Sarah I'm 17 years old I'm a proud idiot! The first time I heard Green Day was in 2009 with the song 21 guns! I never listened to them before 'cause I was not so a fan of rock music... But now I listen every day to Green Day and they saved my life several times! Thank you Green Day for being a PERFECT band!! And I will say thank you to Adie, she is a nice person! I love other bands: Linkin Park; 30stm; Muse and The Killers! But my favourite band will always be Green Day!! Rage and love Sarah
♥Idiot from Detroit♥
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
Never been to a concert of them, but I really really would see them live! Now I hope they come back to Antwerp someday! Or when they come to the stadion in Belgium it would be perfect! My wish in 2014 is to see Green Day live, but now with their hiatus I think is that not possible anymore
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