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I'm a single mother of two beautiful daughters, I love them with all my heart and my soul and the little one loves your music almost as much as I do. The thing is I have SLE Sistemic Lupus and a very rare type and I'm dying very fast. In June drs found me a tumor in left ovary and dealing with eternal pain that Lupus brings me and Cancer is too much, suicide is always in my mind but thinking of my daughters make me strong. Everytime I have to go to chemo I have my headphones listening to your music, and when I'm lying in bed for 4 days feeling like dying there I am listening to your music. There is always one of your songs for every feeling I have. Once I ranaway from the hospital to attend to the only concert you had in Lima - Peru and I'm proud of it ... then I had to stay 3 months punished without moving because I almost got my left leg cut for the infection. I adore you!!!! If you ever read this I would ask you for something really special, we need special people like you for lupus advocady, to spread about this terrible and mortal disease that has no cure and so expensive to treat that many people in America and all over the world dies because they can't afford the medication!!! Lupus Awareness matters!!! Before I die I'd like to see you again and I'd love to hear from your voices to say something about Lupus!!
Erika Maticorena Coronatta
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21st Century Breakdown in Lima Peru
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