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Jessica Pradhan


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My name is Jessica (JEXXICA), and Green Day is my total idol in music and in everything else. I have been listening to them since i was 4 or 5 years old. The first song i ever herd from Green Day was "Wake Me Up When September Ends" in a baby sitters place, cause the song kept coming on the music channels in Canada, and i was always there to see to watch it on the television. And I heard Boulevard Of Broken dreams in the same year to, on the radio. From that day i became a little found of Green Day, later on they became my fav. band cause, a lot of my family members LOVE Green Day too! They have become my idols and inspired me to form a band of my own. Maybe when I get a little older, I want and I am going to form one. Green Day, really taught me how music can change our lives, I play the bass, piano and a bit of the guitar, ALL BECAUSE OF GREEN DAY! One thing I really want to do in life is form a band and actually meet Green Day, not just like that, but meet them because of music. I'll never stop trying. *GREEN DAY IS AWESOME XX*
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Never been to one...... :( (but i WILL, one day...)
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Green Day Is Awesome!!!!! XX

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Well all real - proud idiots know that :D ♥

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It's a great band...

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no ur awesome ;)