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I will never forget the moment I first heard Green Day. I was in my room my tv was on the video music channel. I wasn't paying much attention to it the sound was on mostly for background noise, then Basket Case began. I actually stopped everything I was doing turned towards my TV and stared in amazement at the sound and images coming at me. I dont remember breathing, my heart ached and I felt the sound in and through my skin. The song played in its entirety, which at the time felt like seconds and a lifetime. I had never heard anything like it, I was captivated, I needed to know & hear more. That day I went to the music store and bought DOOKIE. That day my life changed. I knew this was a noise I needed to hear forever. I played that cd over and over and over again. Still this many years later I listen to Basket Case and remember that moment as if it happened only moments ago. Since then MANY Green Day songs have intoxicated my ears. I indulge in every note, every rhythm, and every chord. Thank you Billie Joe, Mike & Tre for being the band you are and making something that more than you could ever know been apart of and always will be a part of my life. You are my favorite band and your cd's are forever my choice if I'm stuck on a deserted island.
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Calgary Alberta .. mid 90s
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