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Huntington Beach, Ca. born n raised! "FOREVER" First saw this 'new' band Green Day that we'd never heard of that was supposedly 'our kinda shit' so we went to Triangle Square in Newport Beach, Ca. to watch them play a free show. I was the only girl with seven guys and as soon as they began to play, all hell broke out- the entire crowd was jumping around so hard that the second level we were on bounced up n down. I was stuck holding seven chain wallets and was in total awe at what was being presented before me. That was like 20 yrs ago now? Never forget it, nothing has even come close to comparing that day to. We followed the show with an immediate trip to Vinyl Solution Records in HB off Beach Blvd. looking for anything by them! All I know, is I'm still in awe of them...what a run for an awesome band. Especially awe struck with Billy Joe's writing and instrumental talents....... I can also recall very few other guys as being, so extraordinarily sexy, permanently imprinted in my memories as Billie Joe 'going off on his guitar' AND the way he walks while signing 'When I Come Around' in the official video-old school, huh? can't get enough!!!!!!!
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first one I ever saw-
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