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About Me: 
Green Day is all my life, I will always love these guys <3 I discovered this group 2 years ago listening to their song "Boulevard of broken dreams" and this song made ​​me a fan of Green Day, I bought many of their albums, and two years ago, I 'trying to get the tickets to their tour but as I live in France, it's complicated ... But I do not give up! And I swore to my 18th birthday (if I have not seen before then) I will go to the U.S. to see them! But I will give everything to try to see them before <3 And I agree with Billie Joe about Justin Bieber (and I think all fans of Green Day agree with him !!) I love all members of this group :) I've 3 favourite songs (even if all their songs are great !!!) They'ra : Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, because it's the first that I listened. Jesus Of Suburbia, because it represents a lot of parts of my life, and The Forgotten, because it makes me cry :') <3
Lola but you can call me LOL or "Chou" if you want ;)
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
I will go in Nimes in July to see them so I will soon tell you !!
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