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HI!u will know something!!! my birthday:24 JAN religion:Hindu study:I'm pursuing 9th std. languages i can speak and write:Hindi,English and i am learning Sanskrit and Russian! my favorite pastime:I'm a true bookaholic and love reading book sand i have a collection of many.apart from that i am trained in painting and Classical music! favourite snack:i just luv Indian street food and I'm totally crazy about everything from pani puri to......the list is endless. nature:i don't get angry very often.and luv to play,enjoy,and behave silly with my friends to be very honest i am a true traditional in nature and love outings and parties with my family [which generally ends at 2'o clock in the morning] i am a company loving type. interests:as already mentioned i love drawing,reading and singing.i also luv knowing about the history of my birthplace. singers:GREEN DAY BAND,Taylor swift;one direction and shreya ghoshal. My height is 5'2 {hopefully i have grown a little] i have long,dark brown hair and brown eyes and i love animals specially dogs. i have many friends so better not to write about them. i have TWO siblings!My bro is fully green day fan .he sleeps with green day and wake with green day .his room is full of Green Day posters lol he is best guitarist and classical singer ever he sometimes asks me ''Millie is i am looking like Billie ?'' others:i luv to go on stage and I'm pretty good in singing. my favourite songs- 21 guns ah i love all green day albums,love the way lie,on top of the world,we r never ever getting back together,die young,just the way u r ,talking to the moon , wish u were here,gun & roses etc..! so that's all i think i know about myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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NO ! unlucky me :( but i want to meet u Billie ..I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU KISSES :*^^
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