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Rhys <Insert last name here>
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I love Green Day, but I'm not obsessed with them like I am with The Beatles.... I play guitar, I also play ocarina because I'm just that awesome, and I sing..... I'm awkward...... I'm a vegetarian..... I'm an Atheist... Kind of, I'm not entirely sure.... I love a lot of anime...... I love sci-fi....... I love a lot of classic rock..... I do what I want and I never do my homework and I swear to the teacher's faces and I steal shit from people all the time and I'm also very depressed. Whoever you are, I love you. I love all people, but I also hate all people. A little bit. Eh. I'm under the impression that everyone deserves to die, but it's the length of time they deserve to live that varies among each person. So yeah.... I love you a little more if you cared enough to read all that ._. Oh yeah, and I paint and draw a lot.
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United States
Rhys <Last Name>
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
Providence, RI April 9, 2013 I went with my brother, his girlfriend, and our trippy friend Trina. We had a picnic beforehand and then cuddled in the back of the van. All four of us.
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