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Acey Eliza
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I discovered Green Day when I was seven years old. My Dad's friend [Rob] had a shop in Dulwich, London and I would often hang out there in the summer, because I got free ice cream :P One of Rob's customers came in with a big box of Vinyl. He was an old hippie, but kinda posh and smelled like what I now know to be weed. He asked Rob if he could sell him some of the LP's. Rob bought the whole box for a tenner. And I started sifting through with him. I was in total awe of vinyl, I'd never seen it before. So I asked Rob if I could have one and he said, ok but just one. So I looked through it carefully. A lot of the cover designs seemed boring to my seven year old eyes. But then, right near the back I happened upon an LP with cartoons on it. Dog's throwing shit at each other amidst a scene that I could only compare to "Where's Wally?" [or Waldo to you Americans]. GREEN DAY - it said at the top. This looked like fun so I chose it. I couldn't play it at home because we didn't have anything to play it on, so I brought it back to Rob's a week later. Rob put my vinyl on the deck, handed me the headphones, dropped the needle as I sat down and ate my ice cream. The moment Burnout started playing I knew that was it, I was in love. I never thought that 17 years later I'd still be listening to Dookie. I never thought that in 17 years Green Day would never let me down, they never change their line-up, they never make shitty records where every song sounds the same and they happen to be the best fucking live band in existence. I love Billie, Mike & Tre with all my heart... ...and I always will :)
*Born under the Brixton sun* London, England
United Kingdom
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
Milton Keynes without a doubt. I don't even have words to explain my feelings about the 18th June 2005. I guess all I can really say is, when I'm on my deathbed and my life is flashing before my eyes, Green Day at Milton Keynes will be the focus of that montage.
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