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About Me: 
Been into green day since the 90s when they came onto mtv/2, they are made of pure awesome! I'm into the rock music, and lol I used to call it skateboard music when i first played tony hawkes skateboarding cos i didn't know what it was called.. :D But thank goodness Greenday were there (especially in secondary/ high school time.;) known by the name of Rock_Kitty__ but also Cat. I play keyboard a bit (by ear not by sheet), and like chilling out to Rock / Metal music. Also I'm a games tester... its hard work to find the glitches in games, but at the same time its fun. Also I enjoy Rollerblading and catching great speeds down hill.
United Kingdom
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
I haven't been to one yet but I am looking forwards to them next year 2013 in the UK. The Warning Tour was the best one I saw on TV :D
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