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Hello,my name is Jim and i live in Belgium and i love green day, there is not a day passes that I put on a CD of green day, though, it's only one song and it makes my day good and happy;),at work I listen to green day and this year(2013) is green day on 4 July to Festival werchter to belgium my birthday=28.05.69
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July 04-2013 Werchter Festival Werchter, Belgium
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green day was fantastic,great show and a lots of fun on stage,i have a awesome time and i have goosebumps green day was awesome at werchter, - - thank you guys for this beautiful concert,it was a great show,thank you green day for tis moment,i enjoyed of the show,he started with 99 revolutions and the last song was brutal love, lovely song;);););),thank's picture

hello fans
I have my green day ticket for the festival (Werchter) in Belgium on 4th July.2013

thursday 4the July
Main Stage: 22:05 to 00:25 Green Day

Green Day also at Rock Werchter 2013
Wednesday 10 October 2012