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About Me: 
I am australian born. Played the Guitar since i was 3 and have taken on the roll of lead singing in my band now i am 13. My band is called (left behind) you can check us out on youtube just search sycho2557 to find my channel or click into this link, . we are just a 2 piece band at the moment but looking for a bass player. Green Day is so encouraging to us they tell us that we can be what we want and no 1 can stop us. We Have written about 10 songs in the last year and working on 1 at the moment not all my songs are up their but they will be soon. My father encouraged me to play guitar but sadley he passed away in 2008 when i was 8 and since then ive been working hard to make him proud. i love music and its in my blood.
Western Australia
Reagan (Reagstar)
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
perth 2009 21st century breakdown tour it was brilliant and hope to see the boys back here soon, perth absolutely loves them.
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