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Vivienne Lee


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Vivienne Lee
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My name is Vivienne. I am a 47yr old Mum, of 2 children. I am a straight forward person, and not materialistic. I am everyone's friend, and am happy to converse with all. :) Which assists me with my job, in customer service, and nursing. I'm ashamed to say I only discovered Green day when they released American Idiot in 2004. After this I was completely hooked, and have followed them ever since. :) My brother in law works for a company that Green Day use when they are touring. (Fly by night) They help transport all equipment for their tours. I love Green Day so very much, along with the majority of population wish to meet them. I am fortunate. The town I live in has a local Club, which introduces all young bands to play, and show their qualities. I will have the Privilege of seeing Emily's Army July 19th. (Billie Joe's Son) Looking forward to that. :) I spend most of my time with my family, reading, and listening to Green Day, looking at news feeds, and pictures of them. They have a knack of putting a smile on my face! :D I have just returned from a weekend in London, after seeing my 1st :( Green Day concert, at the Emerite Stadium. :) Never seen anything so amazing in my life!! I now feel empty, and sad inside. But very happy, the band are able to continue with their amazing tour, now that Billie Joe is well. I am overwhelmed with emotion after seeing them. You are perfect, and no one will compare to you. Green Day play a major part in my daily life. If I am not listening to you, I am talking about you, or reading about you. (I love, and have watched the "Speedy the Fish" video so many times" :) This gives tells us Billie, is a Family man, not just as one of the great rock legends I have Billie Joes autograph tattooed on my foot, and have pictures of you all through my house. You are, besides my children, and family, the most important things in my life. :) xx
Mig Glamorgan
United Kingdom
Vivienne Lee
Favorite Green Day Concert You've Been To?: 
Unfortunately I have only had the privilege of seeing them at the Emerite Stadium June 1st. I was overwhelmed with the show, and thought I was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Although a little upset as I was so far away. :( This will not happen on my next concert visit.
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