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xDrama QueenX


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xDrama QueenX
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Hey,your giving me a heart attack! ♥ My name is Magda.(Drama Queen :P)I love Green Day..And Billie Joe. CD's like..21st Century Brakedown, American Idiot,Warning, !DOS!, !TRÉ!, !UNO!, Isomniac and Nimrod are THE BEST!<3 I like Billie's voice. ....4EVER! I love all of music..But Green Day is the best.I play violin (8 years) and guitar.I can play the piano little bit..Just one song-Viva la gloria :P I like Nirvana,Blink 182,Sum 41,Red hot ch. peppers ,too. Sorry for my english..I am from Czech Republic :) ♥
Czech Republic
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I want to go to Green Day concert :'((( ♥♥♥
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