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  • Billie Joe Armstrong, leader of the East Bay pop-punk outfit Green Day, is set to open Broken Guitars in the storefront located at 423 40th St. in Oakland. His business partner, Bill Schneider, a longtime Green Day associate and former bandmate of Armstrong's in Pinhead Gunpowder, said that the grand opening is slated for April 3rd.

    Schneider previously ran Univibe, an instrument shop located at the intersection of Alcatraz and Adeline, until it closed in 2001, its stock assimilated by Berkeley's Starving Musician. Schneider and Armstrong have ties to the block. 1-2-3-4 Go!

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  • Our favorite 1990s punk rock frontman is all grown up. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong turns 43 today, an age most former punks would start thinking about the next phase of their life. But after more than 20 years leading one of the biggest modern-era punk bands, Billie Joe shows no signs of slowing down. Since turning the big 4-0 in 2012, Armstrong recorded and dropped three albums with Green Day along with a collaboration LP with Norah Jones last October. Hell, even his teenage son Joey is the drummer in Bay Area pop-punk group Emily’s Army. (Yep.

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  • CLEVELAND, Ohio - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction week here in Cleveland just got bigger, as if that were possible.

    The ceremonies, which will see the Class of 2015 enshrined in the show at Cleveland's Public Hall on Saturday, April 18, will be the capper. But there will be a week of events leading up to that, according to the Rock Hall.

    Here is the Rock Hall's schedule of events, according to a release supplied today:

    Saturday, April 11

    Free admission to the Rock Hall, capped by a 7 p.m.

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  • Watch: Leighton Meester Takes Charge in Exclusive 'Like Sunday, Like Rain' Trailer

    @montereymedia and @indiewire bring you the exclusive trailer for Like Sunday, Like Rain. Starring Leighton Meester, Debra Messing, and Billie Joe Armstrong. 

    In theatres starting March 13th: HERE

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  • On 3/17 We Will Release A Special Limited Edition Green & White Color Vinyl of 39/Smooth - Pre–order now!

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