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  • Please get in touch with the project’s lead archivist Daniel Hague at if you would like to contribute any archive materials to the film.

    In the mid 1980s, on the eastern shores of the San Francisco Bay, a fuse was lit. As the shadows of the 1960s counterculture gave way to the Reagan 80s, disillusioned kids growing up in Berkeley and its surrounding suburbs discovered punk rock... and each other. Together, with amplifiers, copy machines and hearts blazing, they fought to carve out a movement of their own, and changed music, art and literature forever.

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  • For more than two decades Chris Bilheimer has designed album covers, concert posters, rock T-shirts and more as art director for R.E.M. and freelancer for other bands, notably Green Day, Widespread Panic and Neutral Milk Hotel. Now he’s entered the fashion realm as the creative force behind Helm Boots’ redesign. This spring, the Austin, Texas-based brand unveiled a new logo, website, packaging, store signage and point-of-sale materials.

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  • In what promises to be one of our most random playlists (yes, even surpassing the dirty secrets one), the AP editorial team is reflecting this week on the first music videos we ever saw. Some of our picks are older than us and downright ridiculous when you revisit them in a modern context—and that’s the beauty and hilarity of it all.

    I can confidently say that Green Day were the vessel for my first music-meets-video experience, with their explosive 2004 single, “American Idiot.” My 10-year old self was enthralled by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s seemingly imperturbable punk-rock persona

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  • Green Day @ The Paddington Hotel, Sydney – 20th February 2014

    The night before they were set to play in front a stadium full of Brisbane fans for Soundwave, US pop-punk veterans Green Day decided to throw a surprise club show in Sydney at the eleventh hour – announcing it on Twitter a mere half an hour before they hit the stage – making it a truly special night for the lucky few hundred switched-on fans who got there in time.

    “I guess a few of you saw the tweet,” joked Billie Joe Armstrong when arriving on stage, before whipping his bandmates through an hour-long, 12-song set of their

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  • Slammin' tone and uncompromising attitude just like Billie Joe himself.

    As the premiere punk rocker of his generation, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong doesn't compromise on style, tone or attitude. The Billie Joe Armstrong ES-137 from Gibson Memphis rolls all three into a raging ball of badass, in a guitar that stems from surprising depths of tradition while packing the no-frills, sucker-punch power that punk demands.

    This beautifully light and comfortable to play thinline semi-hollow sports the ES-175s classic lines, but thanks to a chambered mahogany core that enhances sustain and fights

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