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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



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pls guys come to ECUADOR - QUITO pls guys pls

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I'm the 800th comment !!!!

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Am I the only person that goes on this website everyday? It's like hello anyone out there!

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I've listened to your music all my life. My friends are listening to some kind of popstar and they are like Em what are you listening to. The answers simple Green Day. Kids my age might not know who you are but I do and so do millions of other people. I would just like to thank you for awesome songs and being awesome. You guys are life changers, you changed my life and many others over the years. Thank You !!!

Please reply!

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Felling great to be a part of the official website!
Thank you for making so many good songs. A long time ago two albums i.e. 39/smooth and Kerplunk were released. Though that was your 'pre-fame' work, but its not such that these kind of songs with some real punk and raw guitars won't be popular at present, what you need to do is to add some more rock-opera kind of music and make 'em a grand one. Please come to India...........
When is the new Green Day album coming out?
~Best Wishes:)

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hi this is message is Mike and Brittany i was thinking about u all i am going to be doing a 5k run/walk called The Path To The Cure to help women so they can get free Mammogram who r uninsured and underinsured women and also provide funds for maintenance of the P.A.T.H (Paul Ambrose Trail for Health). i will be thinking of u all when i do the 5k i have not had to deal with Breast Cancer but we have had other Cancer in my family my mom had Colon Cancer and by time they found it it was to late they gave her 6 month so i try to 5k and other Cancer fundraisers i have done i have done Relay For Life i just volunteer for it and this will be my second 5k i have done for Cancer i would like to help other who is going though what my family did in any way i can good luck with the fight and keep on fighting a good fight i know u can beat the crap out of this

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Hello, message to Mike and Brittany. My older sister has 3 daughters, 2 had breast cancer. They both were diagnosed within months. They both have recovered. The older daughter,, my age, was cleared this past spring, has a masectomy, and chemo, had a few set backs, drains, ect. But is now cancer free. The younger daughter, 2 years younger than me, had a double masectomy, her type of cancer was a type which enabled her to get implants, and today she is cancer free. I bought her a tee shirt that said...tes they are fake, my real ones tried to kill me, which she proudly wears to work. I just want you to know, there are very good results in this area, and Britttany, I am sure, has the best support in the world, with the families and Mike. sometimes hearing others plights and knowing that it can be cured is the best stuff. got yer back, Britt!!! <3

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also, when ya coming to the Detroit area??

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I feel it was hard to get into this link, but figured it out. Living in the forest, literally, makes it hard because I have no Twitter. I see people all the time asking requests, but when I watched the making of American Idiot, which was fabulous, the Broadway documentary, it said how much you value your privacy. I do feel however, the subject I have to deal with and wrote lyrics for is something only you can do. You challenge many authority issues, and I tried to e mail, but couldnt get it to work. I dont truly expect a reply, but hope for one. the inspiration has to do with the fake ass lie of suicide by cop. I wont put any material here, but also know you probobly wont respond, because you probobly hear shit like this all the time. I respect that, but hey, cant hurt to try.I WANT NO COMPENSATION...just the truth be told. thank you, I am probobly going to get a lot of comments about how stupid I AM for trying. LOL!!! its ok tho. Many blessings for Brittany, and much respect for your families.

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GreenDay por ellos moriria

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Cuando Vuelven a la Argentina????

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Hey I just wanted to say I love your music and my sons both love it. I am sick if seeing all these so called talent shows always letting the pop or country singer win. My son Kyle did some Green Day while he was in School of Rock (Clear Lake, TX) and I was thinking it would be so cool for a great band like you to allow these younger kids to see that their talent is great too, it would be great for your band to allow them to open up for you even if it is just one song, you could change so many lives, Kyle is 19 and it would mean the world to him to see other rockers show them they can make it and great stars like you are backing them to succeed. And that Rock and Punk are alive and rockin...

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You are the most amazing band in the whole world you saved my life please please please please come to Montreal soon please please please please please please!!! :)

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Hello Billie, Mike, Tre, and Jason! I have a question. So I know you guys are going on tour net year, and I'm so excited to have a chance to finally see you live! My parents say that I will have to save up money for my ticket and one of theirs, and being thirteen, I don't have a source of monthly income other than occasionally babysitting. So I was wondering how much do you think US tour tickets will cost? Front row seats, or just regular seats. I just need to know how much I need to start saving for! Also-- I know my comment makes no difference as to where you play, but I may as well ask- please, please come to Virginia! And play St Jimmy, that's my favorite song :) Thanks for hopefully reading this, and I wish you all good luck in tour prep! #staystrongbatmansmom :)

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i need green day comes to argentina

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Come back to the UK please x

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Hey guys please come to Mexico :c

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Russian idiots are waiting for you!!!

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Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease... Could you visit Spain next year? I'm waiting for you! I can't die without going to one of your awesome concerts XD

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Vengan a mexico porfa pareciera que no les importan sus fans mexicanos que mal plan aqui los amamos tanto como en otros paises y no se vale que seamos tan dedicados si ustedes nunca vienen y .. creo que hablo por todos los fans mexicanos vengan aqui poooooooorfaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

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Green Day Yeaaah!!!

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Haz una canción del mundial 2014 :) lo se es mucho pedir se que estan ocupados :(

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I like Green Day- long-time fan. I actually love you guys, almost just as much as Mary J.- ha ha. But I think you guys should go back to your older style of music- lose the auto-tuners. If you feel like what I just said is an expired piece of bull leading to conflict, that's fine... I just kind of miss it, I know I'm not the only one, and you guys are really my favorite band. But (and again, I'm not the only one) I think that things are being replaced. An example would be Heavy Metal with Screamo. I tend to like SOME Screamo, but I don't want one of my favorite genre's to be replaced and forgotten. I mean, literally my goal is to get older music to come back and stay. If you guys aren't on board, okay fine- I don't care. But it WOULD mean a lot to me and a lot to others if you guys at least promoted the idea. Thanks for taking your time to read this! ~ACS

Email me:


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GREENDAY!!! Pumunta naman kayo dito sa PILIPINAS. :)

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Billie Pleaseee come to Indiaa ! We've been waiting ages and we're tired of the shitty EDM and House Music by SHM, Avicii and the rest of the jerks ! We promise that ur show will be an even bigger hit than Bullet In A Bible and the one in Reading. We love youu #INDIANIDIOT

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Green day, who are you supporting in the Fifa World Cup? (It would be cool to know, I wouldnt change my supporting team or anything, just asking)

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Amo demais o Green Day, mas saber que não virão ao Brasil tão cedo me dói muito mesmo, seria muito especial para mim se viessem pelo menos mais uma vez antes da pausa, por que só agora conseguiria assistir devido as condições, e ai agora vocês não virão mais... :'( Voltemmmmm

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Hey guys! my name is Lucas from Argentina! Sorry to bother you ... I have a "plan" to marry my girlfriend and she is sooo fan of green day. She went to all his concerts here in Argentina (1998 and 2010), my plan is that billie joe record a short video ... it's only a minute or 15 seconds. Say "hello marcela, I'm billie joe, hope you have a good life with your lucas in his life he is for you.", Nothing else! I know she will be so happy to hear you. and I would be much happier to know that she's happy. no matter if it is recorded with a cell phone or video camera, or whatever. just ask this favor to marry her so special. whether it is possible to fulfill my desire to marry her that way just send me the video to my email or the way that you can! . THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND HELP ME TO MARRY WITH SHE IN A SPECIAL WAY! i would be very grateful with an answer.

GREETINGS FROM AGENTINA!. The still waiting!.