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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



Sylvia_Lydia_Morelos's picture

03/15/16...10:57 a.m. Please refer to the following in case something should happen to me:

Community Services
San Francisco

"Building Community. Developing Skills. Enriching Lives."

Diana Almanza
Site Manager

Next Door
1001 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

p(415) 487-3300 x 4223
F(415) 292-2174
M(415) 712-3333


I get a lot of retaliation for reporting crimes. They gave me a black eye on EASTER last year. They *deliberately did this too.
Please be weary of the EPISCOPAL. ALL OF THEM.

The aforementioned, though, is an emergency contact. FYI.
keeping it clean. "clean"<---> ellos. *wink.

Sylvia Lydia Morelos, *CLEAN. (*REAGAN)

Sylvia_Lydia_Morelos's picture

03/15/16...10:56 a.m.

***The Episcopal Community Services, San Francisco, CA. 94109.

S-SAY....HAPPY EARLY EASTER!!! OH birthday is next month on April 20th, 2016. I was born at 4:29 p.m. I'm legitimate.

Sylvia_Lydia_Morelos's picture

03/15/16...10:45 a.m.

Halo! This is Sylvia Lydia Morelos (*REAGAN). I apologize profusely for the shit I gave you guys before. I didn't mean it. Too much interference from low class ghetto, wearing YOUR outfits. I should be SO stupid.

lazy.bones_x.x's picture

Are you coming to Slovenia some day?

jonsterizer's picture


I'm just wondering if you have a video from the tour in Monterrey, Mexico when the band started to play knowledge...It was on December 3, 2004...I was the guy who played the guitar...Wow its been like...1000 years from that...

Siddharth_471's picture

Hi! Green Day, I've got some more hardcore albums for you to listen and evolve accordingly to it:

Black Flag- Damaged, My War
Bad Brains- Bad Brains, I Against I

The new album must be in progress but have your time.
-Best wishes :)

AstonKim's picture

Dear. Green Day

ISIS is breaking the world and contaminating the young with their wrong ideology.

I hope you will write a song about ISIS and their wrong ideology.
and their attitude in denying differences.

I have already wrote a song about this subject, but I am just a nameless musician with no power.
This is why I decided to ask for your help.

I believe in the power of your songs have changed me,
And they can still change people yet.

I hope we share the same view.

from. Aston Kim

Shannon01's picture

When are you coming to Austin, TX?

Siddharth_471's picture

As a conclusion to my last comment, here are some of the artists and some albums that I'd like Green Day to listen and evolve their music for the new album accordingly:-
-Metallica- Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightening, Master Of Puppets
-Slayer- Reign In Blood, Seasons In The Abyss
-Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden, Killers
-Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Masters Of Reality, Vol.4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
-Ramones- Ramones, Rocket To Russia
-The Clash- London Calling (please don't get too experimental with it)
-Green Day- 39/Smooth, Kerplunk!, Dookie, Insomaniac
-Motorhead, Black Flag, The Misfits, Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop and the Stooges are few more bands.
(P.S.- By mentioning above bands I'am not at all comparing GD's legacy with anyone else but only to give you a way to be inspired and to make your music more conventional and mature, nor do I appeal you guys to turn into completely Metal or adopt the lyrical approach or related themes of the above mentioned artists but to be yourselves and get more into hardcore Punk. Green Day brought me in the world of rock n' roll and is my all time favouraite band.)
To more explicitly use the feedback section, I'd advise you to complex more on riffs(not the much lenghty ones) as now the band has officially two guitarists(Billie and Jason) and would request Tre to modify more on the drum arrangement, rather than mostly composed of cymbals and snares he can have double bass drumming, if possible.
Congratulations for the American Idiot documentary, hope you get more inspired by it.
-If feel so PLEASE REPLY!
~Best of luck!

JenniferSpiker's picture

I would like to extend an invitation to all to come see the University of Iowa Theatre Department's production of 'American Idiot', October 16-18, and 21-25. Because - it's going to be awesome, what could be more punk than a road trip to Iowa to see a college put on a musical, and, well, why not?

Siddharth_471's picture

Hi guys I hope the new album's recording must be in progress. I would like you to request to please make it a Hardcore Punk record instead of Pop Punk. Yes it's HIGHLY REQUIRED!! because music is being dominated by more and more pop and very less Metal/Punk. At the moment you must be thinking "Crap! Who's this guy and who the hell he stands to tell all this to us..........." whatever. But please if you want rock n' roll to rise you have to take it back to the roots, more like early Ramones and more hard rock. This is where Green Day really deserves to be in.
~Best Wishes :)

LorisHarriss's picture

I only want to say thank you greenday for all. The world is special when have bands/songs and peaple like you :)

mike ryûk's picture

Hello everyone. Well, i think it can be the greatest thing in the world if GREEN DAY and Linkin Park can work together one day, because they're the two greatest band ever!!!!!! So that's why for me it's looking like a good idea to write here... Have a nice day.

GRANWAKKO's picture

He is one of the must bass players off the world making a green day cover


Nuclear Idiot's picture

Dear Green Day! WTF? Why don't you go to Ukraine? Here to fuck as many fans! Quickly to Ukraine!!! (with love from crazy fan from Ukraine♥)

Lilya Karol's picture

Dear Billie Joe
We - the Russian-speaking really want to congratulate you on your birthday. Know that this date is important not only for you but for us all. You motiviruesh us to become better and more successful. You are our idol not only, but also a role model! Thanks to you we learn to dream of this.
It is impossible to convey what a pleasure - to see how you put heart and soul into every performance. All this fascinates and inspires.
Such a wonderful person like you, we wish only the best. Let each of your smile will be sincere and let in each day you'll be able to find a reason for joy.
Be confident in yourself, always find the strength to go on, no matter how difficult. For all of us members of one big family, you have joined us. And everyone is ready to support you in difficult times. Just think how many people in the world loves you and is proud of you. Thank you for the music that you write your magical voice makes us happier, thank you for everything!
Fans from all over the world poderzhat you when it will be difficult.
Never retreat! Now, you already 43 years old, you've achieved a lot, it is worthy of respect.
Enjoy every moment, and do not be afraid to make a mistake, you will never disappoint us.
We also want you to not forget to monitor their health. Very important for us to see you full of energy and healthy.
We love you, Billie.Bud happy every second of his life. Happy Birthday!!!! and a small gift to you, look you lift your spirits

Jsusedguitars's picture

Fags!  You Guys are complete total Faggots!!!! Especially EEEEE Jason$

Siddharth_471's picture

Many many hearty congratulations to Green Day & of course the fans for their induction into Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame.
I want you to perform these songs in the Rock Hall ceremony (According to general views and keeping in mind only 3 songs to be performed):

1. Dry Ice
2. Waiting
3. American Idiot.

Best of luck!
~Looking for your new album.....

MandiTaylor's picture

I need help. My husbands best friend passed away. they were into skatebording together and listening to greenday. i need to get my husband a greenday skatebord with "in memory of Bobby Blomstrom" writtin on it. is this at all possible?

Mother of Dragons's picture

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am a huge fan of your music. I'm a student at Doane College in Crete, NE. We have one of the best theater departments in the region (under the direction of Tony Award winner Robin McKercher), and we are very interested in doing "American Idiot" as our musical this March. However, Music Theater International has not released the rights (their website has said that they would release the rights within 3 months for about 6 months now). I don't know what/if anything you can do about this, but we *really* want to do the show, and my director has decided to choose a different show if the rights aren't released by the first of January. Please, please, please help us get the chance to produce your show! It would be an absolute honor!!

PrissAguilera's picture


PrissAguilera's picture

pls guys come to ECUADOR - QUITO pls guys pls

EmlovesGreenDay's picture

I'm the 800th comment !!!!

EmlovesGreenDay's picture

Am I the only person that goes on this website everyday? It's like hello anyone out there!

EmlovesGreenDay's picture

I've listened to your music all my life. My friends are listening to some kind of popstar and they are like Em what are you listening to. The answers simple Green Day. Kids my age might not know who you are but I do and so do millions of other people. I would just like to thank you for awesome songs and being awesome. You guys are life changers, you changed my life and many others over the years. Thank You !!!

Please reply!

Siddharth_471's picture

Felling great to be a part of the official website!
Thank you for making so many good songs. A long time ago two albums i.e. 39/smooth and Kerplunk were released. Though that was your 'pre-fame' work, but its not such that these kind of songs with some real punk and raw guitars won't be popular at present, what you need to do is to add some more rock-opera kind of music and make 'em a grand one. Please come to India...........
When is the new Green Day album coming out?
~Best Wishes:)

scoobydoo14's picture

hi this is message is Mike and Brittany i was thinking about u all i am going to be doing a 5k run/walk called The Path To The Cure to help women so they can get free Mammogram who r uninsured and underinsured women and also provide funds for maintenance of the P.A.T.H (Paul Ambrose Trail for Health). i will be thinking of u all when i do the 5k i have not had to deal with Breast Cancer but we have had other Cancer in my family my mom had Colon Cancer and by time they found it it was to late they gave her 6 month so i try to 5k and other Cancer fundraisers i have done i have done Relay For Life i just volunteer for it and this will be my second 5k i have done for Cancer i would like to help other who is going though what my family did in any way i can good luck with the fight and keep on fighting a good fight i know u can beat the crap out of this

madisonLively's picture

Hello, message to Mike and Brittany. My older sister has 3 daughters, 2 had breast cancer. They both were diagnosed within months. They both have recovered. The older daughter,, my age, was cleared this past spring, has a masectomy, and chemo, had a few set backs, drains, ect. But is now cancer free. The younger daughter, 2 years younger than me, had a double masectomy, her type of cancer was a type which enabled her to get implants, and today she is cancer free. I bought her a tee shirt that said...tes they are fake, my real ones tried to kill me, which she proudly wears to work. I just want you to know, there are very good results in this area, and Britttany, I am sure, has the best support in the world, with the families and Mike. sometimes hearing others plights and knowing that it can be cured is the best stuff. got yer back, Britt!!! <3

madisonLively's picture

also, when ya coming to the Detroit area??

madisonLively's picture

I feel it was hard to get into this link, but figured it out. Living in the forest, literally, makes it hard because I have no Twitter. I see people all the time asking requests, but when I watched the making of American Idiot, which was fabulous, the Broadway documentary, it said how much you value your privacy. I do feel however, the subject I have to deal with and wrote lyrics for is something only you can do. You challenge many authority issues, and I tried to e mail, but couldnt get it to work. I dont truly expect a reply, but hope for one. the inspiration has to do with the fake ass lie of suicide by cop. I wont put any material here, but also know you probobly wont respond, because you probobly hear shit like this all the time. I respect that, but hey, cant hurt to try.I WANT NO COMPENSATION...just the truth be told. thank you, I am probobly going to get a lot of comments about how stupid I AM for trying. LOL!!! its ok tho. Many blessings for Brittany, and much respect for your families.