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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



Jessica Routh's picture

Come back to the UK please x

AdrianaOrtiz's picture

Hey guys please come to Mexico :c

A Huge Fan Of Green Day's picture

Russian idiots are waiting for you!!!

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease... Could you visit Spain next year? I'm waiting for you! I can't die without going to one of your awesome concerts XD

MitchelSanchezArmstrong's picture

Vengan a mexico porfa pareciera que no les importan sus fans mexicanos que mal plan aqui los amamos tanto como en otros paises y no se vale que seamos tan dedicados si ustedes nunca vienen y .. creo que hablo por todos los fans mexicanos vengan aqui poooooooorfaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Diego Baro's picture

Green Day Yeaaah!!!

NiicOlasCastañeda's picture

Haz una canción del mundial 2014 :) lo se es mucho pedir se que estan ocupados :(

Alice Singe's picture

I like Green Day- long-time fan. I actually love you guys, almost just as much as Mary J.- ha ha. But I think you guys should go back to your older style of music- lose the auto-tuners. If you feel like what I just said is an expired piece of bull leading to conflict, that's fine... I just kind of miss it, I know I'm not the only one, and you guys are really my favorite band. But (and again, I'm not the only one) I think that things are being replaced. An example would be Heavy Metal with Screamo. I tend to like SOME Screamo, but I don't want one of my favorite genre's to be replaced and forgotten. I mean, literally my goal is to get older music to come back and stay. If you guys aren't on board, okay fine- I don't care. But it WOULD mean a lot to me and a lot to others if you guys at least promoted the idea. Thanks for taking your time to read this! ~ACS

Email me:


Barbieepunx's picture

GREENDAY!!! Pumunta naman kayo dito sa PILIPINAS. :)

Abs007's picture

Billie Pleaseee come to Indiaa ! We've been waiting ages and we're tired of the shitty EDM and House Music by SHM, Avicii and the rest of the jerks ! We promise that ur show will be an even bigger hit than Bullet In A Bible and the one in Reading. We love youu #INDIANIDIOT

Jessica Pradhan's picture

Green day, who are you supporting in the Fifa World Cup? (It would be cool to know, I wouldnt change my supporting team or anything, just asking)

EveliCanova's picture

Amo demais o Green Day, mas saber que não virão ao Brasil tão cedo me dói muito mesmo, seria muito especial para mim se viessem pelo menos mais uma vez antes da pausa, por que só agora conseguiria assistir devido as condições, e ai agora vocês não virão mais... :'( Voltemmmmm

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lucascencig112's picture

Hey guys! my name is Lucas from Argentina! Sorry to bother you ... I have a "plan" to marry my girlfriend and she is sooo fan of green day. She went to all his concerts here in Argentina (1998 and 2010), my plan is that billie joe record a short video ... it's only a minute or 15 seconds. Say "hello marcela, I'm billie joe, hope you have a good life with your lucas in his life he is for you.", Nothing else! I know she will be so happy to hear you. and I would be much happier to know that she's happy. no matter if it is recorded with a cell phone or video camera, or whatever. just ask this favor to marry her so special. whether it is possible to fulfill my desire to marry her that way just send me the video to my email or the way that you can! . THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND HELP ME TO MARRY WITH SHE IN A SPECIAL WAY! i would be very grateful with an answer.

GREETINGS FROM AGENTINA!. The still waiting!.

Jessica Routh's picture

Come back to UK please I'm begging you

PineappleKush's picture

Please answer me this: What's the FUCKING reason of blocking lyrics on TuneWiki on spotify? Are you for real, in claiming that you're losing licensing money on this, or are you just fucking retarded? Perhaps you don't believe in the "disgrace" that fans don't understand the whole of the lyrics and don't want to admit that there may be reason that people don't get all the words? There is no disgrace in people not getting the whole context of lyrics and it's no criticism to the artist, to let fans read them in text.

kersi's picture

Dear Mike and Brittney

I hear the bad news today...I´m so sorry for you!!!
I know how it feels cause my dad have cancer too and it´s a hard time for him and our family but we pray all day that he beat it!!!
I wish you all the best and please stay strong!!! It will be a hard time....I will pray for Brittney!!! Rage and Love from Austria!!!

walkalone1166's picture

My husband introduced me to your music when we had met 16 years ago and I was hooked. It got him thru a lot of hard times and pumped him up when he wasn't feeling good. He had battled Lupus for 19 years. This May 17th will be 4 years since he passed away. He was a big fan of yours. With that said...I just wanted to say "thank you" you gave him joy and something to relate to. I will always be a fan.

Sergio_MJfan's picture

Hello I'm a Green Day fan from the wonderful Milan and I ...dont wanna be an Italian idiot :-P; Well, I'm quite new in the GD official site: I registred just yesterday!
Ive bought almost all the Green Day albums but I've got only the digital edition of some of them... so, where can I find the LYRICS without surfing out the site? The lyrics will be useful to improve my punk English as well ;-) Your faithfully Sergio

David Steerman's picture

I was a casual Green Day fan until I saw the ShoTime special. I'm a hardcore music fanatic and now a huge Green Day fan. The ShoTime special along with learning what American Idiot was all about was one of the most moving experiences of my life. Not only was Billie Joe's talent amazing, the cast of the broadway show was phenomenal. I am planning my trip to my first broadway show, American Idiot in New York. It will be amazing.

Jessica Routh's picture

Come back to the UK please!!!!!!!!!!

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Pleaaaaase come to Spain one more time!! I'm waiting for you!

HehloKitty's picture


So, in Poland there are a lot of Green Day's fans, so I'll be rly happy if you will have concert here someday!
I'm waiting in Szczecin :DD

Greetings from Poland :')

vampidiot's picture

fazer comentários nada a haver é tão eu kkkkk

vampidiot's picture

Hii my loves!! please come to Brazil! For Rock in Rio who knows?

ica640509040147's picture

This letter is to ask for your assistance in recognizing the achievements and service of Mike Santos, who became an Eagle Scout on 7 October. All of the recognitions and letters will be compiled, placed in a binder or other suitable keepsake, and after they are read, will be displayed during this special occasion for Mike.

Thank you very much for taking time to help this community and this unit recognize the personal achievement and service of Eagle Scout Mike Santos.


Paul Sardinha, Troop 27 Fall River. Narragansett Council

strugglecrew's picture

i put out an album called demoliscous a year ago

Henriette Palmvig's picture

HeeeeeeeeeeY :D


Please come to Denmark ! ! ! We are sick and tired of being the only idiots here :D Please bring some americans :D

Last show here was in very bad time for us and others :D Sooooooooooo - COME OUT AND PLAY :D


Best wishes from Denmark :)  

czarx3's picture

NORAH JONES?????????????????? wtf Billie... i mean WTF!!!!, i meen its ok to want to make a shitty album, why not? you do as you like, right? its not like its gonna hurt anybody.. but norah jones??? you chose the worst bitch EVER.. i meen you coulda chose someone good for a boring album.. i unno like natalie merchant or watever.. but choosing norah jones is insulting rock and roll, its insulting guitars and basses, its insulting this world that we have created together, im saying this cause when i was 13 and bumping green day in my room, the worst thing that could happen is norah jones.. and now one of my favs have associated with the enemy???? ive lost my respect for green day.. next we're gonna get kerry king from slayer making a counrty album with katty perry, why the fuck not?? we already got green day mmixing up with the american idiots favorite loser.. i listened to green day cause i was a rebel, my grandma listened to norah jones, cause if she listened to anything else she'd get a heart attack from the excitement (and cause she was a fuckin republican who hates niggers and beleived i was going to hell cause i liked pantera) thanx for destroying everything ive ever fought for, i always thought you were with us, but your with them... hope you keep selling your albums you money corrupt suckers, im gonna go rock out and burn cigarette holes through norah jones pictures, itll make me feel better, and you know what? im gonna go learn to play holiday and basket case on the guitar so that way i can still love the songs without hearing your voice anymore, you messed up billie, bad

Paularian's picture

Dear Green Day, Here is a song for you to record.

Love Always, Paul


Hey dear, the individual Mafia is here

You didn’t know? Well god bless your ears

Don’t follow that crowd except to a concert

Where you can hear some great music monsters

But let’s not call it a Mafia or fear

just a mindset for tunies, gravitations to hear

Independence means they don’t rule your interior!

Feel that music just ride where the waves went.




Hey guess what?

It’s time to learn

About what makes

The world burn

The careless thoughts

The mind you brought

To the meeting with all your screaming

Over butt you have no place

In helping us or my personal space

Teasing controlling imitating lame

Because I have a stance that has

Some train of thoughts that lead a lot

Instead of your useless cynical thoughts



Wht’s your transaction?

Why are you here,

Just to make this place

Uncopeable space

You parasite with government might

Who ignores the laws

That should protect my rights

To be the better thinker I am here in spite

Of lame assed fags in the FBI


I’m the individual who garnered no crew

I’m only one man and I’ll tell it straight to you

I carry ideas of true independence

Where your free to be crafty idealistically

Making words that sing about beauty with bite

Black widows are friends if you don’t molest them

I’ve done it all with only one friend and that’s wise of myself

So fuck you Amen