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on December 30, 2012

Read the rest of Billie Joe's message on Instagram: HERE


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It always helps with the healing when you have some substantial support. I should know, I was sick too not too long ago. Thankfully my treatment with Quetiapine didn't delay in showing the results and I got better in no time. Have a quick recovery Billie!

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Does anyone know when they'll annouce the west coast tour dates?

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Billie !! Green Day ! Quisiera Q Vinieran A Colombia !! Los Amamos ! Espero Q Te Mejores ! Te Amamos Billie 

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billie im glade that you are better well because i love you you are soooooo hot i just wish you didnt cancel my consert i was  really looking forward to it oh well next time if there is a next time you need to come to toledo or at least dtroit or clevland im a big Green Day fan <3 you billie!!!

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I'm so happy to know that  you feel better Billie !! I love you so much <3 

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PLease come to Houstom Texas!!!!

hope you get well soon

~Your biggest fan  ever ever ever ever!!!! Chantel:)

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What a great news ! Been waiting for updates regarding Billie's health for months now ! I don't care for the new tour dates as much as I care for his well-being because that's what real fans do. Love u

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We love you! You know :)

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Write a comment here (no HTML please)Genial Billie en Venezuela esperamos tu vicita y estamos preocupados por tu salud saludos desde Venezuela

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Love you ! <3

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Thrilled to see you are feeling better, Billie! Happy new year to all of you. We never stopped supporting you, and probably never will. Good luck on your upcoming tours and thanks for everything. Love ya'll!

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Happy to hear this good news :-) ! we never stopped to support you Billie! I  I wish you a great New Year! can't wait to see you soon at Rock Werchter to have a great party with you guys ! we love you Billie Joe <3

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Glad you're back & healthy again Billie Joe! Happy New Year guys, can't wait to see you on stage again!

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Instagram really? That's for fuckin teenage girls who think they have some sort of talent in photograghy. 

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we are not just love you billie! we worship you and your works! your all team works! you are a new generation of our era! it just takes time till the idiots understand you. get better and fuck them all

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But we love you.  And it's better that you go to rehab than like killing yourself.  That would fucking suck.

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Why can't you come to the south?  Please. I hate it here and I need something to keep me going!  I was going to the January 21st concert, but it's been rescheduled to when I can't.. I literally cried three hours straight.  PLEASE COME TO NORTH CAROLINA AND PUT SOME SENSE INTO THESE LOSERS

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Happy new year! I hope you recover! Don't let fight! And I hope also that Green Day Venezuela again soon! We love you Billie!
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All of your fans love you Billie! We are all happy that we could have helped you through this! <3

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I have never stopped supporting you through this! I will always stand by you! Nothing you will ever do will make me stop supporting you! Us idiots will never stop supporting one of the best singers in Punk rock!!!! we love you Billie Joe! xx <3 <3

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Very happy about this update, put an instant smile on my face that hasn't gone away since, can't wait to see you in CT, NH and ME and MA if there is an added date of MA for your tour, can't wait. Love you!

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Have the best year ever, none of us stopped supporting you :)

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Your Idiots has never given up on you and we are not about to either. Can't wait to see you back in business.

Rage and love always!

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So glad to hear you are getting better! You have done so much for all of your fans and touched so many of our lives in such pivotal ways. We only hope that our support can help you out. ^_^ A speedy recovery to you and I can't wait to see you guys touring!

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Please to hear that Billie have a Happy new year aswell and enjoy every second of 2013 which will be an awesome year to all. We are all looking forward for the tour and seeing you back on track. See you in Bilbao, if not come to Mallorca, that would be awesome as.... welll you know what I mean. Love and Rage! 

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So glad to hear that! I was a bit worried for you. Can't wait to see you this summer in Nimes. Take care and Happy New Year! 2013 will be a Green Day year, so happy Green Day year!

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Billie, you and others from band were always so active. So, I`m glad to know you are better.

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ooo that´s excellent..!!! and this year will be better =)

but  hopefully soon to come mexico