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  • From Idiot Nation:

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  • Even the world's biggest bands need some time away from their day jobs, and Green Day are no exception. From the garage rock of Foxboro Hot Tubs, to the epic American Idiot Musical, find out how Billie Joe & co. spend their time away from destroying stadiums worldwide (and just being general badasses).

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  • Kurt Cobain changed Win Butler's world. Billie Joe Armstrong thought the Nirvana frontman was his generation's John Lennon and Paul McCartney. And Beck thinks he owes a debt of gratitude to the singer-guitarist for opening the world's ears to a thriving, but little-heard underground scene.

    It's been two decades since Cobain took his own life on April 5, 1994, at age 27, yet he remains an important cultural touchstone for those he influenced and entertained in his short-lived career.

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  • Green Day, "Basket Case" (June 29, 1994)

    Long long ago (the mid '90s, let's say) I grew up in a "Dave" household, where I was allowed to stay up late with my parents so we could watch Letterman's absurdist and acidic antics before bed. And sometimes there was a musical guest so enticing to my sullen, early teen self that I'd stay up a little later: There was Weezer doing "Say It Ain't So," Bjork doing "Hyperballad," and R.E.M. doing "What's The Frequency Kenneth?" with Dan Rather?!? And then there was Green Day's snotty rendition of "Basket Case," the trio's pop punk anthem about boredom and

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    Green Day's major label debut Dookie had been on shelves for five months at this point, slowly climbing by #19. The group saw Woodstock '94 as an amazing opportunity to reach a wider audience, and when fans began throwing mud they didn't hesitate to throw back, culminating in a near-riot where a security guard mistook basset Mike Dirnt for a psychotic fan and smashed his front teeth out. It was absolute chaos. It was also one of the most memorable performance of the entire festival, causing MTV to play highlights over and over. Check out this video of "Paper Lanterns" from the set. 

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