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  • Green Day's AMERICAN IDIOT is nominated for SIX BroadwayWorld awards:
    - Best Musical (Local Production)
    - Best Direction of a Musical (Local Production)- Marco Gomez
    - Best Musical Direction (Local Production) - Christopher Raymond
    - Best Lead Actor in a Musical (Local Production) - Jess Ford [Johnny]
    - Best Lead Actor in a Musical (Local Production) - Andrew Diego [St. Jimmy]
    - Best Scenic Design (Local Production) - John Iacovelli
    WE NEED YOUR VOTES TO WIN! AMERICAN IDIOT is currently in either 2nd or 3rd place positions in all these categories.
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  • Larry Livermore is a fixture of the modern-day punk world. After co-founding Lookout Records in 1987, he helped pioneer the pop-punk sound of the 1990s and released the first albums by influential bands like Operation Ivy and Green Day; he left the label in 1997. In 2014, Livermore, in the audience, was thanked by the members of Green Day during their acceptance speech into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    TIME spoke with Livermore about his new book, How to Ru(i)n A Record Label, the early days founding Lookout Records and what it would take to start a label in 2015. The book also features

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  • UnderCover Presents a tribute to Green Day’s Dookie. It features local musical groups from different genres covering one song each from the album for both a recording and live performance- including Gilman faves La Plebe, Love Songs, Tilt, & Skank Bank!
    You can DONATE NOW thru the 924 Gilman Indiegogo & get an intriguing assortment of rewards for your donation. These include such goodies as:

        Gilman Ally tickets with an exclusive Gilman shirt, the 14-band Dookie cover recording, & admission to the exclusive after-show party!
        Advance regular tickets without any of those lovely

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  • Two of US punk band Green Day’s leading lights are joining the competitive world of organic coffee sales, but with a twist — they say their new company will be the first to use mass produced compostable bags and pods.

    Bass player Mike Dirnt and lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong, who are launching Oakland Coffee Works this week, and San Francisco Bay Coffee, a family-owned business, will both use the bags and pods for their products.

    Made out of starches and sugars, they can be discarded along with compost to be consumed by micro-organisms in the soil, creating a fertile humus, said Paul

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