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  • BEST ALTER EGO: Foxboro Hot Tubs

    "We're Foxboro Hot Tubs from Austin, Texas!" Billie Joe Armstrong lied to a packed indoor theater at Stubb's BBQ on Saturday. The Hot Tubs — a long-running Green Day side project — rocked with pure abandon, as if Armstrong had become a new man when freed of his trio's brand name. They ripped up a mix of Foxboro originals, covers, and Green Day tunes (though no famous Green Day tunes), in front of a delirious fist-pumping crowd.

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  • “Let me get this straight,” Billie Joe Armstrong said to the playwright and screenwriter Rolin Jones over drinks last year. “You’re going to rewrite Shakespeare, and I’m going to rewrite the Beatles?”

    The improbable show Mr. Jones was pitching to Mr. Armstrong, the Green Day frontman, opens next week at Yale Repertory Theater with the title “These Paper Bullets!” and the helpful subtitle, “A Modish Rip-Off of William Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’ ” Mr.

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  • Green Day took Broadway by storm with their hit musical AMERICAN IDIOT, which is more-or-less a stage adaption of their record-breaking album by the same title and also features select music from 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day b-sides, and the song "When It's Time." The musical tells the story of three disillusioned young American men who look for meaning in modern American life. With only a week until the show hits Houston stages, I chatted with Cason Higgins, who plays the adventurous drug dealer St. Jimmy, about the rock musical.

    BWW: How did you first get involved in theatre?


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  • Playwright Rolin Jones and director Jackson Gay would agree with most theater professionals that Shakespeare reigns as boss among dramatists of all time. And though the Bard, like the Colosseum and The Louvre museum, is tops, neither Jones nor Gay feel that he deserves a free pass on the stickier issues in some of his plays. Their latest collaboration, “These Paper Bullets!,” is the result of their desire to fix the flaws in “Much Ado About Nothing.”


    “These Paper Bullets!,” which makes its world premiere Friday through April 5 at Yale Repertory’s University Theatre, is baldly dubbed a “a

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