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    Recorded by MTV at the OlympiaHalle Munich, Germany during the band's amazing 21st Century Breakdown tour, GREEN DAY - 21ST CENTURY BREAKDOWN presents Green Day in all their glory on the big screen, in high definition digital cinema and with surround sound audio.  Featuring all the hits including 21st Century Breakdown, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, When I Come Around and American Idiot and many more.  Catch all the energy and all the madness up close and personal on the big screen for one night only at over 250 cinemas across Europe from November 15th.

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  • No moshing in the cinema aisles please folks...

    MTV's global music series World Stage is making the jump to feature film, their first screening Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown will be presented in a one off screening event in cinemas across Ireland on Monday, November 15th.

    Green Day fans will experience the energy and madness of a Green Day concert on the silver screen in high-definition digital cinema and with surround sound audio. The screenings will be held in more than 150 cinemas across more than 10 European countries.  Currently, there is no DVD release planned.

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    November 12, 2010

    Billie Joe Armstrong & Michael Mayer

    Interviewed by PATRICK HEALY

    The vocalist/guitarist of Green Day and the director who co-wrote the TonyAward-winning Broadway musical “American Idiot” with him are joined by the show’s Tony Award-winning star, singer-songwriter John Gallagher Jr.

    Get your tickets for the January 9th interview in New York City: HERE.

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  • Green Day: Rock Band

    Play as custom 3D characters featuring the likenesses of Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool

    • Enjoy 47 Green Day songs
    • Unlock prizes as you progress through the story
    • Sing in three-part vocal harmonies
    • Import Green Day DLC onto your Green Day game disc

    Green Day: Rock Band puts players on stage as multi-platinum selling and Grammy Award winning group Green Day, featuring the band’s most-defining albums and key moments throughout their career to date. Players perform vocals, guitar, bass and drums using award-winning Rock Band technology.

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    November 09, 2010

    Green Day are set to release their new live film, MTV World Stage: Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown, on November 15. And, to celebrate, Kerrang! have teamed up with the film's producers to give you lot the chance to see it for free nearly a week before it's released!

    Recorded by MTV at the Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany, during the band's recent world tour, MTV World Stage: Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown showcases the punk superstars at their very best.

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