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    November 07, 2012

    See the premiere of the new video for “Stray Heart” from ¡Dos! right now by clicking: HERE

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on November 07, 2012

See the premiere of the new video for “Stray Heart” from ¡Dos! right now by clicking: HERE


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I love the honesty in this song. I watched the video on youtube and it reminds me of the video for Name of the Game by The Crystal Method!

valsmama's picture

mama likey. nice job on vid. GRREAT song

Zielona's picture

Hm... It's great song!.... But... I think I don't understand your idea, guys.... But song is realy good. I can't wait on DOS!

Sadie.bell's picture

I just listened to some of the songs from "Dos", and I think that Stray Heart might be my favorite so far. :)

Armstrong98's picture

J'adore :D

RevolutionRock's picture

This video is absolutely brilliant!! It's so funny!! It's one of my favourite Green Day videos!! :D

unodostrexxx's picture

This song is awesome i love it!!!!!!!!! I love you green day!!!!! you guys are the best punk rock band ever!!!!

<3 <3

dago's picture

Es genial este video, como siempre, demostrando que no son lo mismo de todos.

Fifth Element's picture

I love this song! Music and lyric is perfect!
( Certa amittimus, dum incerta petimus. :))

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wuau! this is a great song <3

Julio_Rob_Alva_GD's picture

Exelent song and exelent song!
Such a good job.

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best song from Dos i love

Sadie.bell's picture

OMG BEST SONG EVER!!! SO CATCHY!! Billie I love your voice in this song! This song has GOT to win a grammy award. lol

davidmann's picture

Why did you remove it from youtube?!

zerolover14's picture

Very interesting video. I like it!

josh_hun's picture

That's Awesome as FUCK!!!!
I Love it, and i wanna have ¡DOS! and ¡TRÉ! now :D
Nice work, Green Day!!! You are the BEST PUNK-ROCK band EVER!!!!!

Maca_X.x's picture

I think it's better than ¡UNO!
I love it!!

BasketCaseN1's picture

Love, love, love, love soooo much this song it's wonderfulllll *____*

Dan3siko's picture

funny, and very awesome. first video to actually have a story. very very good

Redundant's picture

You can watch the vid here:

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FunkyPie's picture

i cant see the video from my fucking location

BillieJoe1310's picture

To the one that can't get to the music video: write in YOUTUBE green day stray heart official music video and u find it!

Little Susie's picture

Can't see the video :< It seems like You don't like my country :/

DaniloIdiot's picture

Wuuuuuuuu!!! lo e esperadooo semanas!! xd kfdgñ :D *-*

Sonia07's picture

So cool ;-) I love this song !! Billie Joe, your voice is beautiful ;-)

secondbye's picture

hahaha, im love it, it is a funny video ñ.ñ

Ewelina's picture

Hahahahaha :D
So cool :P

Juana's picture

Try "stray heart video" on Google, there are some websites on which you can find the video !

johnnycaper's picture

Yeah same here, can`t view the video, when I press the link it just brings me back to the index page :/