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  • What are the greatest rock videos ever? It’s time to nail your colours to the mast so that we can put together the ultimate list of the Greatest Rock Videos Ever!!

    Choose your three favourite rock videos from the choices below and tell us what puts them head and shoulders above the rest.

    Then don’t forget to watch the results, Rock’s Greatest Videos Ever! Top 50 (as voted for by YOU), coming to Kerrang! TV on Saturday 28th September.

    Vote at KERRANG!: HERE

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  • From Idiot Nation:

    This week we're giving away 5 backstage passes that were used on the Dookie tour in 1994. The passes measure about 5" across. They have never been used so you can stick them anywhere or frame them as a keepsake. Want a chance to win? This contest is open to all Idiot Nation members!

    Winners will be chosen Tuesday, September 10th. Only one entry per person will be qualified. Good luck!

    Login to your Idiot Nation account to win: HERE

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  • Get ready to go backstage with Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong as he ventures into the strange world of Broadway.

    On October 18th, Broadway Idiot will be in theaters and on demand everywhere in the US and Canada.

    That means iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Xbox,  Playstation, Google Play, Cinemanow, Vudu and Movies on Demand through your local cable provider.

    Broadway Idiot Trailer from Broadway Idiot on Vimeo.

    Follow Broadway Idiot at Facebook: HERE / Twitter: HERE

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  • New photos from Moscow added to the Idiot Nation gallery: HERE

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    It was a night game but a Green Day at Coliseum on Saturday, as the popular punk band rocked Oakland after the Athletics' 2-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

    The game started with drummer Tre Cool tossing out the first pitch before Sonny Gray took the mound for Oaklans.

    Watch the video at Fox Sports: HERE

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