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Brian's picture
on October 07, 2013

Check out a message from Billie Joe about the American Idiot documentary. Head over to for more info!


Jessica Pradhan's picture

Okay! I saw the website. 

rockgirl's picture

I think it's great! Will you do a Broadwayidiot-tour in Europe? It will be more than fantastic :D

mike ryûk's picture

well,i think it's just one of the most beautiful things you can ever seen in your life!!!you guys do the best!!!

Ludde's picture

Will u guys come to Sweden and perform? It would be sold out in just hours!

Scaramimi's picture

that's will be nice!!!!! but guys i just have a question, in this documentary can you see the full broadway ophera??? r its just adocumentary???? in both ways taht will be nice!!!! i mean , its greenday! yeah! xD