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Brian's picture
on September 04, 2012

See the official video for Green Day's "Kill The DJ" right now!



GDgirl's picture

I fucking love this song.;D

Ana Green Armstrong Punk's picture

i love this video, is awesome <3

Gloria&#039;sLover's picture

Green Day, your music and videos are inmensely artistic...! I can't stop watching this over, and over again! It tells a story, everything you do tells a story! That's why you're so f**king amazing!!!!

designur's picture

Huge Green Day fan but gotta say I'm not digging the new videos. Love the song though!!

Zielona's picture

Great! I love this song and this video too! Awesome work, guys. I can't wait on UNO!!!

Green Day I love you!!!
Come to Poland, please!!!!!!!! <3 :*

s7aab10's picture

I think the song is about Deadmau5 and his crappy music !

Mary Joe Armstrong's picture

love this song and obsessed with it! the video is amazing.
i love them on motorbikes!:D
P.S. where is yor eyeliner Billie?D:
i want back the American Idiot Green Day!

Willow_andBlue's picture

Awesome !!!

MrGibsonJunior's picture

If you don't like this song, I don't think you realise that this is about KILLING THE DJ's BEHIND TODAYS FUCKING CRAPPY CLUB MUSIC! I can really see myself in Billie there as he walks across the dancefloor, extremely bored with everything and everyone. I love this!

ximxaxbasketxcasex's picture

woohoo f*ck yeah! GD FOREVEEEER!!!!! <3<3<3

karenrashkash Extreme Green Day Fan's picture

Yah . . . Nothing Green Day puts out is boring. This is a great dance tune. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Maira_holiday's picture

I really liked the song and the video could aver been something a little more blood :D

Claire whatsername's picture

I don't really like the song nor the video... Kind of boring, isn't it? everybody shows naked girls now, that is not new... I love Green day, their songs have such a meaning to me, and the play awesome músic but i thought they'd make a better video not just showing naked and slim girls who look dumb and stupid.. That's what i think

Germix27's picture

I Like it Not Love it

TimW94's picture

just wow! it's awesome as f**k :D

KyriaDorado_xx's picture

i really love this song!!!
and the video! <3
i can't wait to see them on the next tour!:3

GreenDayGirl905's picture

omfg i fucking love it!!! awesome work guys!!

Sanah's picture

Absolutely LOVING this video and song! Great work!!! <3

kislokatya's picture

Awesome video, y'know. I like this song and this video too!!! :)

KyriaDorado_xx's picture

oh my god <3.<3
i love it! :3
billie joe looks great and so handsome!!!!<3

angibangi's picture

brilliant work of art. thanks

noam's picture

great song!cant wait for uno to come out!!

kill_the_fucking_dj's picture

Love it.... At first I didn't really like the song but after listening to it for several times, I kinda liked it more and right now after seeing the music video I just freakin love it

nina_marina's picture

Splendid! loved loved loved

Fennuala's picture

totally obsessed with this song!!<3