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  • New photos just added to our online gallery from June 26th in Paris: HERE.

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  • Serena Williams is always closely guarded wherever she goes to avoid the threat of stalkers but now, it seems, the boot is on the other foot.

    The defending champion is such a big fan of American rock band Green Day that she has lost count of the number of times she has seen them play.

    "I'm a bit of a stalker," she joked. "I don't know how many I've been to, maybe too much. It's got to the point where I know the run of the show. I always know when the last song is coming, the encore. So it's a bit much. If I were them, I'd kind of watch out for me."

    Serena also revealed how she would

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    July 02, 2010

    New photos from Green Day's recent gig in Manchester: HERE.

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  • Green Day is everywhere – the radio, Broadway and now even on your next-gen video game console, thanks to “Green Day: Rock Band.”

    Band members say they see it as a natural progression for any successful band in the 21st Century.

    “In the future, what I see happening is it's going to expand the idea of making an album by incorporating a video game and something that's more interactive,” Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day said.

    “It's nice to be associated with Green Day and video games at a time when I feel like you can actually learn something from the video game,” Green Day’s Mike Dirnt

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    July 01, 2010

    Look for this Foxboro Hot Tubs review in the new SPIN Magazine.

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