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  • Punk icons Green Day gave fans a treat with their first performance at Brooklyn’s latest attraction, the Barclays Center, with support from their fellow Calfornians of the band Best Coast.

    Just prior to the headlining set, overjoyed fans sang vigorously to classics by Queen and the Ramones as Green Day’s pink bunny mascot had fun interacting with the crowd while drinking beer. Green Day graced the massive stage and performed with overwhelming energy as they kicked off the gig with ’99 Revolutions,’ the first of many songs on their lengthy setlist.

    One lucky little rocker joined Green Day

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  • ‘Life ain’t pretty . . . I can testify to that s--t,” opined Billie Joe Armstrong early in last night’s Green Day concert at Barclays Center.

    The last eight months have seen him suffer a drink- and prescription-drug-fueled meltdown onstage in Las Vegas, enter an outpatient rehab program, and have his band’s big return come to a screeching halt before it could even get into second gear.

    You get the feeling that his testimony on life’s ugliness would indeed be compelling, but Armstrong would never dream of ruining anyone’s night out with such self-pitying.

    Instead, he and his Berkeley punks

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  • New photos added to the Idiot Nation gallery from recent shows in Rochester, NY and Philadelphia, PA: HERE

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  • It was clear that he expected his second participant later in the show to be around that age as well. However, while searching the crowd for someone to sing the final verse of slacker anthem "Longview," he found a kid that could not have been more than 10 with a sign asking specifically to sing that song with the band. Armstrong broke his ringmaster character asking the kid if he really truly knew the lyrics. Not only did the child know the lyrics, but he sang them convincingly.

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    April 06, 2013

    Look for this feature in Italy's Onstage Magazine: HERE

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